◆ Up to 3h drinking and cooking dish 8 yen yen 5000 → 3499 yen 【grass course】 ◆

◆ Up to 3h drinking and cooking dish 8 yen yen 5000 → 3499 yen 【grass course】 ◆

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All-you-can-drink available

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Coming to the store until the desired date of the day 18

Exquisite crafts of carefully selected ingredients and fresh vegetable use Creative land chicken disposal plan ♪ 【Awa Oka no Hakubane pot】 and 【Bin bonito no Tataki】 Recommended plan with ___ 8 food items with all you can eat, drink together ♪ It is a popular special plan ♪

Course menu

【First issue】 Chicken scissors with sea urchin sauce

~ The rich fragrance of luxury sea urchin ~

【Official】 chicken skin ponzu

~ Awa Okochi use ~

【Appetizer】 Soybean boiled edamame

【Body】 Tataki of Bonito bonito

~ Tataki bonito with a lot of flavor together with condiments ~

【Pot】 Awa Oko's Hakubane hotpot

~ Awa Okincho White Water Soup Dispensing Dishes ~

【Deep fried food】 Kashiwa Tian

~ Cooking method to enjoy the original taste of chicken ~

【Consumption】 Soup dish of chicken soup

【Dessert】 Peach's Nishikigama ball

All-you-can-drink menu

- Gold wheat
Cassis-based Peach based lychee based Kalua based Ginger-based type number available!
And tea sour, Ramunesawa, white sour, orange sour, grapefruit sour, lemon sour, Calpis sour, leaving the nest sour, green apple sour, lime sour number available!
- Shochu, sake
- Potato shochu, barley shochu, Featured sake
·plum wine
- (Rock whiskey and water, soda, hot water allocation)
- (Rock whiskey and water, soda, hot water allocation)
·Soft drink
Orange juice, grapefruit juice, Calpis water, ginger ale, cola, oolong tea, green tea
Premier all-you-can-drink
· Following premium all-you-can-drink [Silver] [Gold] [Platinum] is a place of +1500 yen in additional possible ♪ In addition all set in the yen various +500 [limited time] I will offer in the yen +1000 ♪
· 【Premium all-you-can-drink platinum】
· 【Suntory】 · Premium Malt · Angle Whiskey (Rock · Water split · Soda split · Straight) 【Corner Whiskey Base】 · Ginger High Bow · Cowboy · Black High Bow · Peach High Ball · Calpis High Bow · Lemon High Ball · Pine High Ball · Satachi High Ball · Lime High Ball
· [Premium all-you-can-eat gold]
· 【Shochu】 "Wheat shochu" · Iki shochu Pinchin koji fermented · One grain of wheat "Potato shochu" · Black Kirishima · White Kirishima · Satsuma Baoshan · Tomoyukiyama "Rice shochu" · Hakkaisan Yoshikunari Manabe "Brown sugar Shochu "· Kikai Island" Foam Sheng "· Kumejin of Kumejima
· 【Plum wine】 · Minami Takashi plum wine · Mature plum wine · Yuzu plum wine 【Whiskey base】 · Ginger high ball · Cowboy · Black high ball · Peach high ball · Calpis high ball · Lemon high ball · Pine high ball · Satachi high ball · lime Highball
· 【Premium all-you-can-drink silver】
· 【Wine】 "Glass wine" · Red wine · White wine "Wine base" · Sangria white · Sangria red 【Beer base】 · Shandigaf · Panache · Beer Splitzer · Cashevia · Dog nose

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      Required before the day required only when using reservation / course Available / unavailable If yes, please do not hesitate to contact us./ No other tickets / services combined use / Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays not available

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      Until the end of March 2018

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